Insomnia Aak fictionspawn

The darkness surrounds him. The sounds of the walls creaking, the wind. The horrors of the past. The fear of the future.

He knew he would sleep sooner or later, but probably not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. Until then he was doomed to suffer. To feel the anxiety slowly dig its sharp claws deep into his mind. His heart. His lies.

Listening. Listening to the breath of the one no longer there. Waiting for a sound he would never hear again.

Darkness devoured him. The sound of his pain, of his sorrows. The things he had seen. The things he had done. The horrible things yet to be known.

He waited. Waited for the end to come.

Bed Time Story


  1. Very evocative piece. A good sleep is one of the greatest pleasures of life. It’s terrible not being able to rest.


  2. The horrors of our past and fear of the future can keep us all awake at night.
    There is hope for a good night sleep when we learn to accept ourselves.
    Great piece of writing.

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