Monsters and Flash Fiction

Monsters and Flash Fiction

I’ve been making creatures all my life. I’ve made a world creatures with evolution, cultures, history and everything. My graphic novel. The problem is now I have to draw it all, the fun part is kind of over. That’s what I like best about flash fiction. You get to make up new stuff all the time and finish what you’ve started.

I discovered flash fiction blogging. I wasn’t really sure what to blog about, and started experimenting. Soon I realized flash fiction was my thing, and this blog kind of emerged. The internet favours short texts, probably because you get tired from reading on a screen and the next stimuli is just a click away. It suits me perfectly. I’m an idea man.

Creatures, monsters, strange people and animals has always intrigued me. The most interesting question of all is how their minds work, and where the limits to difference are. Maybe there are none. Infinite different ways of perceiving the world, infinite interpretations of reality.

Until now I think all my stories have had something to do with some kind of monster, at least metaphorically or psychologically. I cannot promise it will be like that forever, but it might. Even when I try not to some kind of monster comes out. Maybe I am one. Maybe we all are.

Some day I’ll finish my graphic novel as well. Now I want to make illustrated short stories.

Dreams and Reality



  1. My first love is drawing. I drew since I was a child and well into adulthood.

    But it takes so much darn time.

    I had also wanted to write fiction, but every time I did, it sounded horrible. I’d try my hand at writing every so many years, but it never seemed to work out.

    Then I came upon some ideas that eventually led to the creation of my blog “Powered by Robots”. So far, people seem to be enjoying my stories, and I’m having a blast writing them.

    Not sure I could fully illustrate any of them, though.

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    1. Maybe you should give it a try, James! Your fiction blog has a lot of impressive stories, and to me my drawing stimulates my imagination in a different way, kind of gives me an extra tool for the process.I know what you mean though, I spend more time drawing than writing each post.


    1. Thanks lot for your interest! I need to get back to my graphic novel, :/ So much flash fiction lately…. 😀 But I will! And imformation will come here on this blog when I got somthing to publish, of course. I am thinking of a little flash fiction spin off from the same universe, too.

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