Cold is a State of Mind


He went out to look at the stars. It was a beautiful winter night. White, clean snow was covering the land and trees. Everything was just the way he liked it.

He walked down to the lake, the nice frozen lake, when he heard someone calling from the other side. A girl’s voice, beautiful, like she was singing.

He crossed the bare ice, the wind had taken the snow. On the shore it was harder to walk. There, in the shadow of the fir trees he saw her. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Hello! He said. Aren’t you cold? She had only a small string shirt and panties on. Her curves were perfect, her eyes deep and mysterious. Her blond hair fell softly around her shoulders.

Cold is a state of mind, she said with a puzzled look. Are you… cold?

Yes, he answered, warming his body with his arms. It’s freezing out!

Come, she said. Her eyes sparkled with teasing lust. Was this real? He moved closer. She took his hand.

Can you feel my heart beating? She asked. He couldn’t. He felt her tit, though. And his own heart beating faster. She stood up. Laughed. Kissed him. Her tongue in his mouth. She took off his clothes. He didn’t feel the cold any more. He felt good. Her hands all over his body. His chest. His abdomen. His cock.

Her panties fell to the ground.

They made beautiful love in the snow. They lay watching the stars until sleep carried them away. Why am I not cold? He thought as his mind wandered off into dreamland. Cold is a state of mind, he heard her voice say from a far, like a warm wind of beauty.

His parents found him the day after, frozen to death in the snow. No one ever found out why he had crossed the river and undressed. There were no other footprints than his.

Beyond Faith and Reason



  1. Nice. Have you ever read Robert E Howards ‘The Frost Giants Daughter’? Its got a similar theme but is utterly different to your story. Beware of beautiful women in the snow! Thats a good lesson!

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    1. Thanks! Haven’t read it, I’ll look it up. Beautiful women in the snow is indeed a reason to be careful, especially if half naked. The story is a bit inspired by a Norwegian folklore character named Huldra, a beautiful woman men met in the wood. She was very dangerous, and you had to watch out for the tail. The problem was, when you saw it, it was usually too late.

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  2. I agree with ghostof82. Very reminiscent of Howard’s “The Frost Giant’s Daughter”. One of my favorite of his “Conan” short stories. I wrote something similar (without the sex) about five months ago called “If Aesir Should Find You In The Snow” (search my blog if you want to read it…I didn’t want to spam your blog by posting the link).

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    1. Thank you! I’ll check out your story. Sounds interesting. I put on a link to Wikipedia at the end of the post. I believe Protagoras was the first one to question the objectivness of temperature, at least of what’s registered today. Still, if you fall asleep in the snow, you die.


  3. A lot of cultures have stories of ice temptresses, probably to explain why so many people shed clothing when they start to freeze (the real reason has to do with their body temperature vs. the outside temperature). I liked the idea of the story, but the language was too blunt for me. ‘He felt her breast, though’ may have been better presented along the lines of ‘as he approached he ran his hand over her chest and she shivered in pleasure’. I only say this because you are trying to portray something sensual, but the language is more pornish.


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