Cold is a State of Mind

It’s still Christmas, so let’s keep on making traditions. Here’s an erotic winter mystery I wrote these days last year



He went out to look at the stars. It was a beautiful winter night. White, clean snow was covering the land and trees. Everything was just the way he liked it.

He walked down to the lake, the nice frozen lake, when he heard someone calling from the other side. A girl’s voice, beautiful, like she was singing.

He crossed the bare ice, the wind had taken the snow. On the shore it was harder to walk. There, in the shadow of the fir trees he saw her. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Hello! He said. Aren’t you cold? She had only a small string shirt and panties on. Her curves were perfect, her eyes deep and mysterious. Her blond hair fell softly around her shoulders.

Cold is a state of mind, she said with a puzzled look. Are you… cold?

Yes, he answered, warming his body…

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  1. An intriguing tale! Sounds like he had a rather ‘pleasant’ death.
    Have you ever heard of Wim Hof, aka Iceman? That’s who I thought of when I read “cold is a state of mind.”
    Coincidentally, I just wrote a flash fiction piece about being cold yesterday.

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