Odin’s Visit

It’s Christmas again, and since Christmas is a time of traditions (and I’m on vacation) I’m going to start a little tradition of my own here on Fictionspawn Monsters and reblog my midvinterfest story from last year. So good Yule everyone, and enjoy Odin’s Visit.



It was mid winter, and the celebration of the turn of the darkness had already started. The children were waiting for Odin to come with gifts, as they all thought they had been nice this year. But Freidis knew Solvar had not. She was the only one who knew. She hadn’t told anyone.

Solvar looked at her, with a nasty grin. He knew as well. He knew. And he would do it again, she was sure of it. She hated him, but most of all she was scared. He would not get any gifts this year, she thought. He wouldn’t get any gifts at all.

The pig was slaughtered. The fire burned in the fireplace, and the smoke rose up towards the hole in the roof. The smell of grilled grease filled the room, like it did every winter at this time. They were all ready to eat when…

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  1. Ah, Christmas or at least seasonal horror perpetrated on children. In response to a particular writing prompt, I too wrote a “Christmas” horror tale called The Winter Feast of the Children. It’s flash fiction, so I was capped at 250 words, which makes it a quick read. I also hate victimizing children so I built in a “savior,” but one who by necessity, must arrive about six weeks late.

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      1. Yes, since the story ended on or around Christmas. Rachel Van Helsing wouldn’t be able to arrive in Nome until early February, and then only by dog sled. After that, thinks don’t look too good for him.

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