I used to hitchhike a lot. It’s a wonderful way of travelling. You meet new people all the time, you get to be taken places you never knew existed because the people who picked you up are going there. Sometimes you are invited to dinner, or to a party. Sometimes you can even get laid.

Hitchhiking (Fear of the Unknown) is about a boy hitchhiking through a territory of monsters. The story takes place in some kind of twilight zone, but I’m imagining he is travelling in central USA somewhere. Can’t really tell you where, I’ve never been there. Seen a lot of movies, though.

Usually when you hitchhike you camp, and if you want to move fast you sleep under the stars. Sometimes you hear a sound. A dog is a good companion.

Hitchhiking is not riskless, and sometimes, when you sit in the car with some stranger, you find this stranger a bit strange. You know there are psychos out there, and you want to be careful, of course. I’m a great believer of trusting your instincts when it comes to strangers. If they seem or feel like good people, I usually go with the flow. If they don’t, I’m more aware.

I have at a couple of occasions thought of getting out because my new and very short term friend was acting strange. I never did, though, and they always let me off with no problems.The only real danger I’ve experienced is people driving like crazy. Friendly people driving like monsters.