Lab Rat


In the top secret military laboratory in Rockfield they were experimenting on animals. Gene manipulating substances were put into rats to see how they could improve their strength, intelligence, size… everything. One day one of them grew out of size. The cage broke.

Jimson was working late hours. He heard strange noises from the lab, and went in to have a look. It was the last thing he ever did.

The rat monster broke out of the laboratory. The small town was in horrible danger.

Johnny and Jessica were sitting in Jessica’s car making out. Johnny’s hands were feeling her up, touching her firm tits. She could feel his cock on her tie. He was horny, and it turned her on. She already had shagged a few guys and every time she liked it more, but she really liked Johnny. She didn’t want things to be going too fast. Johnny, no… She said. Johnny calmed down. They kept kissing. Soon he was touching her again, this time the inside of her ties. She liked it. She let him go on. He was feeling her panties. She couldn’t resist no more. Her hips started move, pushing against his hand.  His fingers slipped inside the fabric, touching her most intimate parts.

Something appeared in the window.

Johnny! She said abruptly.

Johnny kept going. Come on, baby, he said. Just a little bit…

No! Johnny NO!!

He jumped back. Sorry, I didn’t mean to…

T-the window!

He could see the terror in her eyes. He turned around. The creature’s head entered the window, bit his throat, ripped it out. She opened the door and ran out. Running down the hills she heard steps behind her. She fell. Her screams stopped after a few seconds.

Martin were coming home from work. Night shift. He unlocked the door and was about to go in when he heard something behind him. He turned around, thought it was some kid or a dog or something. He saw a monster. Huge, rat like with red, glowing eyes. He was dead before he had time to scream.

The door was open, and the monster went in. In the bedroom Martin’s young wife was waiting. Martin, is that you? There was no answer. She got out of bed, walked out in the hall in her transparent night dress. She went into the living room. The creature were lying in the darkness. She saw nothing. She went over to the other side of the room, looked out of the window. She almost stepped on the tail on the floor. She didn’t see it. She went into the kitchen. She made a cup of herbal tea, and she wanted to take it to the bedroom. Martin would be home soon.

She crossed the hall towards the stairs up to second floor. She stopped. The front door was open. That’s strange…? She was sure she had closed it, even locked it when she came home. She got nervous. Was it Martin?

Martin? She said. No answer. This was too strange. She was getting scared. She went slowly over to the door. She saw her husband ripped to pieces on the stairs. She was in shock. She stumbled back into the house. She had to hold on to the wall. The room was spinning. This could not be happening. No… She said. No! She looked up. Two glowing red eyes were staring at her from the living room. She turned and ran towards the door. Claws dug into her back. A cup of herbal tea broke against the stone stairs where Martins dead body were lying.

The rat moved out into the street. It’s mouth was covered with blood. The night was still young.

Beyond Faith and Reason


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