Today’s my birthday, and I feel like talking about something nicer than animal torture and the end of the world (which shouldn’t be too hard to find). Let’s take a look at one of my earliest stories, The Widget from Hell.

It’s a story about a teenage boy who scowls school to jerk off to internet porn, and isn’t really meant to be anything more than a fun story, which is a good reason for making a story after all.

Still, a lesson can be found, although quite ironic. He regrets scowling school when he goes to hell. I don’t know how many people actually believe teenagers go to hell for scowling school and watching porn, but some do. I don’t.

So to all you teenage boys out there, don’t scowl school to watch porn. Not because you’ll go to hell, but because it’s probably a good idea to do well in school and internet porn isn’t really that healthy. It’s better to use your imagination or even get a girlfriend (first one might be easier than the second. Remember: In school there (hopefully) are girls).

Your imagination might come in handy later in life, like for example for making a blog, and a girlfriend is usually a lot more fun than your right hand (If you prefer boys, just change the “girl-” for “boy-”, and girls, the same advice goes for you-  no masturbating in school hours). Not that I really care, just some friendly advise.

Here’s a comic illustrating my point:

My story was created from the title. It kind of just occurred to me, and I wanted to make something of it. It is one of my shortest stories so far.


The ink illustration came out wrong, and I had to change it a bit to make the character look like the one in the story. It is about a Scandinavian teenager. The original illustration looked like a Moroccan man in his late thirties, which would not fit too well, really. So I had to change it with my rather poor knowledge of Gimp image editor (free, open source and recommendable). It didn’t turn out that well, but I didn’t really have much readers anyway.