She was out in the forest looking for plants and mushrooms when Jim came along. He was tall, strong and handsome, funny and friendly.

Hello! He said cheerfully.

Hello! She answered. She was happy to see him. She always was.

She was the most beautiful girl in the village. Jim had had his eyes on her for quite a while. She had the most beautiful smile. He loved the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed. She always wore clothes that gave you a hint of the perfect curves underneath.

They sat down, talked for a while.

He was timid, and she liked it. She started stroking his cheek. His shoulder. Moved her fingers down to his belly. He turned over and kissed her. First a small kiss on the lips. Then more and more passionately. She moved her hand to his pants. Slipped it underneath, grabbed his cock. He…

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  1. Okay… Thus gave me a nightmare but not like a scary one. It was stressful. To me this was a love story. The witch thing was just the catalyst that challenged the love. I have to say that I loved how the priest was so flawed he was the devil himself. I’ve some wheels spinning in my head right now. I’m inspired. Now… Your drawings are great! I love that you can draw and write.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Mel! I was kind of thinking about what reasons they had back then for accusing girls for witchcraft, and I figured this was probably one of them. So hot the devil has to be involved… 😀

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