Death of a Universe

Death of a Universe

So it’s over… She sat back in her chair, turning her head to her captain. There were no more stars in the observable universe, and the ship’s energy supply would soon be empty. No known source of energy existed.

She was second in charge on the last fleet. A system built to maintain itself, but in need of power.

The time has come, said the captain, looking at the screens. Darkness. Nothing but darkness. There was nothing left but black holes moving away from each other at superluminal speed. -We have nothing to lose any more, then.

That’s right, sir. Nothing to lose.

Well, here goes nothing.

They accelerated the ship. The last stored energy they had would be used for one last desperate intent of survival.

Soon no more energy was needed. The gravity of the black hole had taken over. They fell.

The ship was prepared for anything known, but they were falling into unknown territory. A place where their laws of nature, their mathematical systems, their logic seized to exist. The instruments went wild, emitting information that made no sense. Reality followed. The ship expanded. Shrunk. Exploded and imploded simultaneously, just to be restored in the same moment.

Everything went black.

An explosion of light.

They were still alive. At the screen in front of them there was stars. Galaxies. A young universe, following laws slightly different from the ones they knew from before. The second commander looked at her captain.

So this is where the energy has gone.

So it seems. At least a part of it.

The monitors said the ship was intact. The ecosystem would live on.

What do we do now?

A big smile spread across the captain’s face.

Let’s do some exploring.




  1. So much funky, gravity-defying, remote-viewing, body-and-time stretching stuff happens as we dream the night away. Sometimes I wonder if such things could happen in other universes. Your story profoundly answers that question!

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    1. Thanks, Quiet! This is based on one theory amongst many about black holes, and another amongst many about the end of the universe. If there’s a life after death, we might know someday. If not, well, we can at least make fiction 🙂

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  2. You might enjoy Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question:

    “In the last scene, the god-like descendant of humanity (the unified mental process of over a trillion, trillion, trillion humans that have spread throughout the universe) watches the stars flicker out, one by one, as matter and energy ends, and with it, space and time.” …

    [Never did see an email for corrections… offer still stands.]

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        1. The most interesting question to me is if our own universe could have been born this way, by the gravitational collapse of some kind of star in another universe slightly different. Could explain a lot of things. Kind of a theory of evolution on another level.

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        2. I’ve had that thought too. We have no clue what triggered the Big Bang. Maybe it was another universe scrambled up as it entered a final black hole and then regurgitated out into another dimension… Perhaps in a few billion years we’ll find out – if the process repeats 😉

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