The Void Project was going several times light speed through the emptiness of the Dipole Repeller. A void of emptiness in space. No stars. No galaxies. No matter of any kind.

We’re loosing speed, Captain! First pilot Rebecca Larson was switching switches, pulling levers and pushing buttons all at once. This was bad.

She was of the best pilots of the old solar system. She’d been travelling the galaxy and she had been part of the Andromeda V project, an intergalactic journey of importance.

This was different. They were crossing total emptiness. Not so many centuries ago people had believed in a lot of restrictions. Light speed as an upper limit of velocity was one of them.

They were proving that exploiting the energy of the void was the fastest way of moving man had ever known. The dark energy was inexhaustible. They were accelerating at an enormous rate, literally being sucked through space. Until now.

What? What do you mean we’re loosing speed? That’s impossible. We should be increasing velocity  faster than ever.

I know, but we’re loosing speed. Fast. We’ve…. Stopped.

Captain Naufrago watched the screen in front of his first pilot in disbelief. It was true. The ship didn’t move at all.

We’ve stopped. I can’t believe it. We’ve fucking stopped

There was no way to get a ship started in the extreme emptiness of the void. They were stuck half way through. No one had ever been in more trouble.

C-captain… Said Rebecca. Captain Naufrago looked out of the huge energy field window in front. There was something there. In the total darkness ahead, something was moving. Eyes were staring at them. Eyes big as galaxies. Pupils dark as black holes.

The instruments showed nothing, there was nothing around them at all. Still they could see it. Feel it. It was watching them. Something was there, and it was big. Vast as the universe itself.


A strange sound of horror. The vessel was vibrating. Sound should be impossible in the total lack of substance they were in, but still, there it was. Darkness. Evil. They knew what it was. It was nothingness. Aether. Where gods could not exist, were souls were devoured by madness.

A hand stretched out towards them. It had fingers impossible to count, claws of unseen dimensions. Terror of depths never known.

It took hold of their ship.

No one spoke. No panic, no intent of defence. There was nothing anyone could do. The walls started crunching in. All hope was lost.

Fire!  Water  Air (Earth)


  1. “There was no way to get a ship started in the extreme emptiness of the void…” Truly your characters stared into the abyss…and the abyss not only stared back…it reached out to destroy them! Love the story…faster than light…gotta see how they escape…if they can!! BTW, I have a new post up! Cya!!

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      1. The faster than light speed brings to mind almost a “throw away comment” from Star Trek. They were trying to beam the younger Cap’t Kirk onto a ship moving at warp speed, Spock does the equation, and Scotty looks at it says…”Hmmmm. The ship’s not moving. Space is moving. Never considered that.” Great story spawn!! Nothing is impossible!!

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  2. I think I would like this story. I love action, and the illustration is immensely entertaining.
    But I have a complaint!
    The white on black background makes it difficult for me to read. Actually uncomfortable to read. I got about halfway and had to stop. Thought I’d mention it for the sake of all readers struggling with glasses or monitor glare or tiny screen or whatever odd thing makes reading online a pain. 🙂 No offense intended! I think the story’s great.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback. My girlfriend says the same thing, really. I might change it some day, but I kind of like the dark atmosphere it gives:) I you read it from the wordpress reader it’s black on white, though;)

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      1. I agree about the black moodiness. I like that, too. I took the middle ground with my blog, a black background with a white sheet for the writing. I remember my dad, once, complaining about a blog I had years ago with a black background with white letters. At the time, I didn’t get it, but now that I read with glasses, I understand. I think the glasses accentuate the glare.

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    1. No really, they’re dead. The moment after this the walls starts breaking, they get sucked out into space and are ripped to pieces by the vacuum. But that’s metastory, really 😉


  3. PSA to all readers, AEther uses the letter Æ, which makes the sound ee. Like in we. It’s ether not ather. Æther!

    Anyway, this was an odd piece to read. Quite abstract. I’m not sure what to think now.

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