Air (Earth)

Air (Earth).jpg

Ronny was falling through the air, the wind caressing his hair, his skin. He loved it. Parachuting was the best thing there was. He was going to pull the string quite soon, he just wanted to fly a bit longer. To be there. To really live.


What the…. Something was talking to him. Just beside his head.

Hey! You! Yes, you!

Who… what…. Who… There really could not be anyone there, he was ten thousand feet up.

You’re fallin’, aren’t you! the strange voice said with genuine interest.

Where are you? Ronny was turning his head back and forth.

Right beside you, said the voice. Under you. Even inside you, really!

You are…. Air? Ronny almost had to laugh. This was just silly.

Bingo! I’m what making your clothes move so funnily right now, my friend. Air is the name. At your service!

But how come you talk? I never heard you talk before?

That’s because you didn’t listen! I’m quite a talker really. I shout when the storms throw your boats around, I whisper when the wind makes the leaves move in the trees…

Ronny didn’t know what to say. This had to be the biggest discovery in history. But would anyone believe him? He needed proof.

Air kept chatting away.

…I even talk on a silent summer day, if you just listen close enough.  I talk a lot! Just ask Earth. There he comes. Hey, Earth! Tell him…


Tell him what? Earth asked.

Nothing. Never mind.

You talk too much, you know that?

Air was looking at the broken body on the ground.

Thanks, but it’s too late now. He can’t hear you anymore.

Earth looked at the stain on his skin, frowning in disgust and annoyance.





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