Quantities Of Alteration 

This week has become, almost by coincidence, my classic elements week. As many of you already know, I’m quite good at reblogging. This is a beautiful post from a fantastic blog I found yesterday, which even gives an extra dimension to my theme-week. Please stop by tomorrow for the grand finale.

koko boocro

​Quantities Of Alteration
With all that was to be

Every increment gained

Was aimed at the target

To be reached eventually

Each small step ahead

Had in it the momentum

Of what propels souls

To be consistently uplifted

The gaps would be bridged

With the hearts certainty

Of how things must become

By implementing knowledge

Unwavering and determined

Taking what life has to offer

Making the alterations needed

And enduring its pace and timing

While chance continues to change

There is no earthly undertaking

Which with focused effort

Stand to fall outside the range

When at full concentration

The elements and their potency

Are beyond all capacity to measure

The exact quantities of alteration
Ria 2017

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