Wheel of Time


Marcus turned the machine on. It shook, lights were flashing. He was not too sure if he dared enter. He swallowed, straightened his back, and opened the door. Inside he pushed the green button. There was a hell of a noise, then silence. Had it worked? He didn’t know. He opened the door, went out. Looked around. His house was gone. His neighbours house was there, but it looked a lot newer. It had worked. He had travelled back in time.

He walked down the street, looking at people. Their out-of-date styles. He was thrilled. A real time machine! Haha! And Runar said it was impossible to travel time. Now he was going to see! After a while he saw a girl sitting at a bench, crying. There was something familiar about her. He went closer. She was his mum! She was about his age, and beautiful.

He asked why she was crying, what was wrong. Nothing, she said. Then she said: My boyfriend’s an asshole. Marcus’ father. He sat down. They talked for a while. It was exiting. She really couldn’t have any idea! They got along instantly, which was natural, after all.

Why don’t you come with me for a cup of tea? She said after a while. My parents aren’t home.

They sat in her living room drinking tea. It was his grandparent’s house, but it smelled different, and the furniture was new. They talked and laughed. The atmosphere got better and better. Suddenly she got quiet. She kissed him. He didn’t know what to do. He got perplex. He’d never kissed a girl before, and she was more beautiful than he’d ever imagined, even when the Oedipus complex had been beating at it’s worst. He let him self go, returning her kiss. It’s just a kiss, he said to himself.

They were making out passionately, and she started undressing them both. Touching him. He couldn’t resist. She moved herself over him, slowly slipping him inside her. He knew it was wrong, but he let it happen. She rode him, first gently, then faster. He didn’t last long. He came with a loud moan, squirting her full.

Shame bubbled up inside him.

He had shagged his own mother! And she didn’t even know who he was. He felt like a rapist. A monster. He got on his feet, red as a tomato.

Are you OK? She asked, confused. Didn’t you like it?

He said he was sorry, that, yes, it had been wonderful, but he had to leave. He pulled his clothes on fast and rushed towards the door. She looked despaired.

Will I see you again? She asked. He stopped, looked at her. You definitely will, he said and got out of there.

Back in his own time he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. His head was spinning through contradictions and paradox. The date he had travelled to was nine months before his birth. He didn’t look anything like his father.



Beyond Faith and Reason




  1. I think it’s appropriate to say he felt like a rapist, since the person he was with didn’t know what was actually going on. I see it as so with other situations as well. I’m trying to remember (but I won’t) what show it was (which was cancelled shortly after) years ago that featured some guy who tricked a girl into having sex with him by saying he loved her, and then he laughed at her and said dirisive things. Consent isn’t just about if you can get the activity.

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    1. Sure! Then again, she was the one coming on to him. Can’t really say he’s guilty of any crime, either. She wouldn’t have believed him anyway. In a way, maybe they were both raped, even though none of them really meant to.

      I saw a movie once, don’t remember the name, where a twin seduces her sister’s boyfriend pretending to be her. Would probably go under the definition rape as well, although a different kind. Check out my story <a href="http://His Grandpa’s Cabin“>His Grandpa’s Cabin, it has a similar theme.


  2. Another part from an episode of the show [the only episode I saw] that got cancelled, I think involving that same guy and girl… the guy was involved with the girl’s mother. With him not telling her (or her having no way of knowing), it’s wrong to go after her at all and even wrong not to inform her if she went after him. But then, obviously, he (as well as the girl’s mother, but that doesn’t absolve him) wasn’t a person of high standards or one to avoid very low ones. Part of consent is knowing what the situation really is (excuses can’t be made for some things). A young woman isn’t likely to know she needs to be suspicious concerning incest. But she should certainly be allowed in on the joke (to people like that), and not just be the collateral damage to people who don’t care how it all affects those they don’t care about.

    But then, they don’t care about them. So it’s moot.


    1. You’re right, he shouldn’t have let himself carry away. He knows as well, but he’s a teenage virgin, and has no experience what so ever with any of this. And there is something else here: Usually when a parent have sex with their siblings, even when they are adult, we think of the sibling as a victim. His mother is, even though young, an authority figure for him, and telling her, according to some concepts of time travel can have fatal consequences. I think he didn’t really mean to do anything wrong, that he was more a victim of his own weaknesses in an extremely confusing situation. So let’s give Marcus a break and feel at least a little bit sorry for him;) He’s going through some hard times right now.


  3. I think Robert Heinlein wrote about a character who went back in time and “shagged” his grandmother. This would cause a terrible causality loop and I can’t help but think of Marty McFly’s reaction when he went back to 1955 and kissed his mother. He was horrified. I’ve seen photos of my Mum when she was in her early 20s. Yes, she was quite lovely, but…no…just damn no.


    1. Haha, you better not!!! I was conscious about the Back to the Future- scene, this one is a bit of a parody, although very freely. Like I told you on your blog, the idea came from that movie and from Terminator, it’s like the two ideas mixed. Creates quite a bit of a paradox, though, which hopefully makes people think a bit. Marcus sure has some thinking to do.

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