UFO roadkill


Mikkel and Mona were camping in the periurban park outside of their town. They sat down on a hill watching the stars. I’m a bit cold, said Mona. I’ll go down to the tent to get my jacket. She left.

Mikkel was sitting there, watching the sky when he suddenly saw a bright light.

An UFO! He laughed at himself. He didn’t really believe in that kind of stuff. But the light got bigger. And bigger. He got to his feet. It was moving straight towards h… Plan! It hit Mikkel hard. He fell over. His leg was broken. He had hurt his back, too. Pain.

The UFO stopped. It hovered in the air. Two creatures came out. They were big, almost double his size. Tentacles. Inside the crystal bubbles on their heads he could see huge fangs. On their hands they had huge claws. They came towards him. Slowly. Threatening.

Mikkel was scared stiff. They looked terrifying. They made horrible sounds. He could feel the presence of evil.

The two creatures were Wikir and Drangal from a galaxy called X290. They were adventurers, and had found earth in an old book about the the milky way, Not many Ragarboans had ever been here, and centuries had gone by since the last time. This was way off the beaten track. They where thrilled.

They had been on a round trip already. Seen the pyramids, built under leadership of an ancient king from their home planet. Seen the Chinese wall, deserts, jungle and now they just arrived in Norway to see the fjords. That’s when they had hit this creature.

Oh my slobrad! Said Wikir in despair. It’s hurt! What do we do?

I don’t know! Oh, how terrible. That poor thing! We can’t just leave it here?

It’s unable to walk. Oh, Drangal… I think we are going to have to put it out of it’s misery.

You mean… Kill It? Oh no, Wikir! No… It’s so cute!

I know.. But out here alone with it’s leg broken… it won’t survive for long.

I guess you’re right. Oh my… sniff… do it quick. I can’t watch.

Mikkel was lying on the ground watching the two monsters. They were frowning and growling. He was terrified. One of them turned away. The other picked up a big rock. Oh my god. They’re going to kill me. No, please, please don’t hurt me, he pledged, but he knew evil did not care about pleading. The monster punched the rock to his head. The first hit hurt. A lot. The other monster hissed viciously (No, Wikir, it’s still alive! It’s suffering! You have to kill it fast!) The next punch he hardly felt. When the rock hit his head the third time he was already dead.

I’m so sorry, Dramgal, said Wikir.

I don’t want to talk about it, said Dramgal sadly. Let’s go see the fjords.

Mona came out of the forest. She saw Mikkel lying in a pool of blood. His head were crushed with a rock. No.. Mikkel… No… No… No… What the hell has happened!? She sat down, knelt over him. Bottomless sadness could be heard in her sobbing far, far away.





  1. This is what many of us do! Killing injured ants and putting them out of misery (as we say it!)only when the story is other way round, we understand the pain. I love your concepts and style of writing!

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      1. Yes! A well needed euthanasia is one thing and assuming that the wound never heels and killing them against their wish is a different thing! Sometimes we do more harm while trying to do something good!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s too often so. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it. Animals are sacrified because we worry about a broken leg while people are obligued to suffer horrendous pain until death comes by itself however unbareable it gets…

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  2. This is fantastic!!! First of all, awesome title. And “You mean… Kill It? Oh no, Wikir! No… It’s so cute!” made me laugh out loud. I imagined those aliens as people standing over a deer and how ridiculous the sentiment is in that situation. So often we treat those animals as we do because of their cuteness and not because of their existence. Then again, nature made little baby things cute for a reason.

    This story is eye-opening. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

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