Mantis Religiosa

Mantis attacking police Aak fictionspawn

Aaaaaahhh!!! The screams were terrifying. They came from the main square. Johnson and Cohen ran towards the sound calling for reinforcement. People were running the opposite way.
A monster!!! A man screamed when he saw the two police officers. There’s a monster killing people! They saw the monster. It was a giant Mantis. Eight feet tall. It’s clawy front legs were holding a man fast. The man was screaming in terror and pain. The huge insect was devouring him alive.

The two police-officers started shooting. They shot the mantis in the body and the head. The monster turned her head in a creepy way. Watching them. Judging them. The bullets went through her shell, but didn’t seem to have much effect. She jumped towards them. One of her back legs threw Cohen off his feet. The front legs caught Johnson. Lifted him up. Trapped him. Her beak speared into his head, dug for a moment. Ripped it off with the spine attached.

As she threw the body away Cohen knew he was next. He was on the ground. His gun was lying some feet away. The mantis was watching him. He could not move. He could hardly breath. The two arms shot out towards him at the speed of a bullet, pulled him up. Bit him again and again, ripping off big pieces of flesh. He died in horrific pain.

Reinforcement arrived. They had bigger guns. Assault rifles. They started shooting. Bullets piercing her body. She jumped the fence to the park and disappeared between the trees.

Mike was sitting on his porch playing guitar. He was getting quite good at it, he thought. He even created his own songs. Soon he would be famous. Soon. Suddenly he heard a strange sound in the garden.

He stopped playing for a moment. Listening. Hm. Probably just a cat. Then the big tree in the garden moved for a moment. He stopped again. That had to be a big cat. A giant insect jumped up on his balcony. A mantis. His chair fell over. He was lying on his back. The two arms shot out towards him. His guitar splintered. He got on his feet and ran into the house.

He ran in panic into his fathers electronics workshop and closed the door. The big living-room window broke. He heard the Mantis enter the house. He was terrified. He was standing in the corner with his back to the wall. The workshop had no other exit. A claw went through the door. Then another. The door was ripped off. A huge mantis head came in through the opening. Mike was scared stiff. The head made a 180 degree turn. Scanning the room. Searching for it’s pray. It stopped. Five eyes were staring at Mike.

The mantis entered. Lifted her front legs slowly. She knew her pray could not escape.

Mike felt something behind his leg. He grabbed it to defend himself. It was a fire-extinguisher. He held it up trying to hide behind it. The knife sharp legs shot out. The claws cut into the container and pulled it to the mantis in a lightning-fast movement. Ice cold CO2 poured out onto her face and body. She froze white. Mike took a chair and threw it at her. The frozen body broke into pieces and fell to the floor.


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