Lords of the Dead

Zombie Moose Aak fictionspawn

A new object was seen in the skies at night. It was oval-shaped. From earth it seemed to be of the size of the moon, but it was in reality closer and smaller. It had a reddish glow.

Michael was of the first to see it. He and his girlfriend were camping. Nothing like a leap after a good shag, he thought, when something suddenly appeared in the skies.

Jessica! Jess,  get out here!

Jessica lazily moved over to the tent entrance.. What is it, baby? Michael used to get exited of anything, so she didn’t really expect much. Then she saw it. A great, red glowing thing in the skies. Michael came closer, watching the object. What is it? she said, astounded. I have no idea, said Michael. Do you think it might be… Aliens?

Ali was watching series on TV. A newsflash came up. A strange object in the skies. An unidentified orbiting object. He didn’t really believe it. Probably a scam, he thought. Or some new surveillance satellite from the Americans, as if they didn’t have enough with Google. It was crossing the Atlantic, they said. Moving towards Morocco. He went out to have a look.

He saw the object over the horizon in the sea. It looked like a deformed moon. The red glow made  trail in the ocean. It was beautiful. He took out his cellphone and called his friend Nabil.
Have you seen the thing in the sky? Nabil hadn’t, but he had heard the news. He said he’d come over to have a look, from his place he couldn’t see anything.

Nabil came, and they sat watching the thing. It was coming closer. Nabil had brought some chips and soda The TV was on. Another newsflash. In America there were a hole lot of attacks reported. Murders. The murderers seemed to have some kind of decease. Their flesh were rotting, and they seemed to be in trance or something. More reports. Several of the attackers had been identified as people who were already dead.

As Jessica and Michael stood there naked watching the strange object disappear in the horizon  a sound came from the bushes. What was that? said Michael and went closer to have a look. A squirrel came leaping out and bit him. Ouch! he yelled, and kicked it. The squirrel’s head came off and flew into a tree.
Michael..? said Jessica. There were sounds everywhere. A moose came running towards them over the field. It was limping, one of it’s legs was missing.

Get into the car! screamed Michael. They ran to the car. The moose was half eaten on one side. What the fuck is going on?!? The moose attacked the car. Michael got the car running and they got out of there as fast as they could.

They drove away fast. There was a small village nearby, they wanted to go get some help. Driving into the village there were people in the street, blocking the way. They stopped, rolled down the window.

We just been attacked by… Started MIchael scared and exited. The man bit his arm. Aaaah!  Michael panicked. He stepped on the accelerator and hit the crowd. People and body-parts where thrown around. Jessica were screaming in the passenger seat. They hit a light pole and the car stopped. One of the doors was broken and open. As their heads cleared they were surrounded by walking dead people pulling Michael out of the car. Jessica grabbed him, tried to help, but they were too many. They were biting him in the head, the neck, the throat. When he stopped screaming Jessica knew there was no escape.

A war broke out on earth. A war between the living and the dead. The dead was winning, as they kept becoming more and more. Ali died the night they had seen the strange object for the first time. Nabil was still alive, but the dead were everywhere. He knew he would not last for long.

When all hope was lost, a voice came from the oval object in the skies:
We are the Graitharians! We come from a galaxy far away. Surrender, and we will let you be our slaves. If you don’t, your dead will devour you all!
Mankind surrendered, there was no other way. The dead stopped walking. The Graitharians had taken over the world. The terror was over, but a dark future awaited.


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