Lake Death


Ronny loved to go fishing. It was in fact his favourite thing to do. Every weekend he took the car and went somewhere to get some fish. He loved all about it. The waiting. The suspense of getting the fish on the hook, getting it out of the water. The fight, when the fish was jumping around on land, trying to get back. The kill. He loved the kill.

This weekend he had gone further away from home than ever, he had been driving for hours and hours. He found a great spot on the side of a small, deep lake in a mountain valley. He put up his tent and went to sleep, exhausted.

He got up early. The place was beautiful. High mountains on every side, waterfalls running down towards the lake. The water was crystal clear and he could see how the bottom went almost straight down into deep darkness.

When he had eaten some breakfast, he found a worm in the dirt. It curled and undulated as he pinned it on the hook. He threw it in. Ah, this was the life! Silence. Just him, nature and the fish waiting to be caught. After a while the float started moving. A fish! He pulled in. It was a perch. He got it on land, and as it was bouncing between the rocks he got his knife. After a short fight the fish was lying on the ground, the head parted from the body.

Great! Lunch is fixed, but it’s a bit small, Ronny thought. Maybe he could catch another one? It would be nice to make sure he had dinner as well. He threw the string out again, and waited. It didn’t take long before he got another. He pulled in, and got a big trout up on the shore. Soon the fish lay dead.

Now he had lunch and dinner! But it was still early, and this seemed to be a good moment. He threw in the string again, and waited. Soon another fish was on the hook. He pulled it up again, but this one was too small, and he didn’t even know what it was. I’ll throw it back in, he thought. He grabbed the fish with his right hand, and was about to get it off the hook, when he noticed a big, sharp metal hook sticking out of the fish by the tail and a strange string attached to it.

That’s odd, he thought.

The string straightened. The hook speared into his hand. He screamed. He tried to get it out, but it was stuck. The string stretched even more, pulling him towards the water. Help! He shouted. Somebody help me! But there was no one around. The string hauled him into the lake, pulled him under water.

In the depths of the lake his ears hurt from the pressure. A huge creature floated before him. A reptile, many meters long. He could see its big malicious eyes even under water. Fangs. He tried to swim away, tried to escape. His lungs was filled as he screamed in panic. Fast as a fish, huge claws grabbed him. Pushed him onto the rocks. A sharp metal edge cut into his neck and he died.

UFO roadkill


  1. Have you written anything about plesiosaurs or pterosaurs? Or plesiosaurs and pterosaurs together, sharing tea? Having never met these creatures face to face, I love them from a safe distance. I think you could do a very creditable job there.

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    1. I remember the comic, which was translated to Norwegian as Iskalde Grøss, or Ice Cold Shivers. I had to look it up, and I think it’s the same. I don’t think I’ve ever saw the TV show, though. The comics were cool 🙂

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