Johnny and the rest of the crew on MS Olive Oil was stranded on a rock in the sea, they had been for years.

Johnny found a cave underneath the island. The sea entered from an underground tunnel, and was a hiding place for fish and shrimps. He brought a net to catch some.

On a rock in the water he saw a creature. A mermaid, like in the fairy tales. She was sitting there, singing. He hadn’t seen a woman in years, and she was beautiful. She had a fish’ lower body, but her upper part was… Perfect.

He threw the net over her, pulled her up on shore. She was naked, her beautiful breasts were firm and soft. Her face. She was gorgeous. He raped her. Then he let her go.

The next night the Sirens came. An army of males and females, armed with tripods, spears and swords.

One, a big, muscular one with a crown on his head seemed to be their leader. The beautiful siren was by his side. Lust of revenge could be seen in their eyes.

One of you has raped my daughter, said the King in the sailors’ tongue. I want him. Deliver him to me, or you will all die.

The sailors looked at each other. Johnny looked down in shame.

You stupid son of a bitch! captain Monty said. What the fuck have you gotten us into?

You raped… a fish? Marco stared at him in disbelief. How’s that even possible?

Monty looked at the army of sirens in front of the island. They were many. This was their reign.

Get the fuck off this island! Monty shouted, his voice trembling with anger and fear. I’m not going to die because you’re a pervert.

Out there..? I can’t go out there. They’ll kill me!

Better you than us, asshole!

They threw him into the sea. He was pulled under water. The sirens left.

That night the crew was sitting around the rock they used as a table. They were eating grilled cod.

He raped a fish. Marco looked at his plate. Fucking pervert.

Bob was looking out of the window.

She was quite a fish, though, he said after a while. Not that I’m into the whole rape thing and such, but she was quite a fish.

Monty said nothing. They had been on the island for a long time now. A long, long time.

Lake Fear


  1. Last time I heard “Get the fuck off the island”
    was last night during the end of Survivor.
    That was a response in the room, not on TV.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting poem.

    Another gem from my Wednesday
    television time: “BEWARE OF ATTACK ASSHOLE.”
    ~ Better Call Saul


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