Signs of Life

Karen Lee Kleis

Signs of Life_resize

I don’t always find her. And the where of her is unpredictable. On those occasions when I don’t find her, I never know whether it’s her choice to remain hidden or whether she has simply abandoned certain places, finding them unsuitable in some way. The first time I found her always comes to mind with the kind of clarity attaching to events that reshape our lives in some fundamental way, as if the experience is permanently housed in its own moment of brilliant light where every little detail is illuminated. It was like that.

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        1. Yes, sorry you missed it. It was dark, dark. Took it up early. I’ll stroke out another one ASAP…maybe even add to the one I took down and repost. Thanks for being here.

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        2. Post is up. Edited, but I’ll take it down tomorrow. I’m not too comfortable posting “the evil” side of things. BUT…THANK YOU for the encouragement!!

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  1. Please do, I want to read it. This post was simply an amazing story, with a beautiful illustration as well. I like stories of the paranormal with dark endings;)


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