Another Prey

Hidden Groves 2


The garden grew, distancing her from the outside world. She sunk into the shadows of the wild growing roses and the tall, majestic trees.

Something, someone, lurked between the branches, in the darkness behind the leaves.

-What do you want? she screamed, breaking the silence.

Soft wind far above was the only answer she got.

Waiting for its strike, her eyes turned black. Another prey would be hers.



I’ve recycled an illustration from my portfolio today. I’m on vacation since several weeks ago and today I’ve finally been unable to keep the productivity on my two-post-a-week schedule (with new illustration, that is). I’m still going to get posts out, though, and hopefully I’ll get a new one out on Thursday, with a new sketch and all as usual.


  1. How wonderful!!! I hope Y’all are having a fantastic vacation!!! As always….I’m blown away by Your amazing art. There’s no one like You! And this little story was great! Totally surprise ending that gave me the creeps! πŸ˜… Cheers and Thank You! πŸ™‚

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