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If you want to use any of the images in this gallery (or any other illustrations on this site marked with for your blog or social media, it’s no problem as long as the site direction stays visible. Please let me know. If you want to use images without the site direction, it can usually be arranged for free, but there are some rules. Send me an e-mail, and I’ll explain.

Any of the original illustrations on this blog can be bought as prints for 5€ each, free shipping.

Shadows of Fiction

A Dance to Remember Aak

Little Jimmy Aak

The Moon Ball

Beyond Faith and Reason Aak


The River Mill Aak fictionspawn.jpg

Poor Little Girl Aak

The End of Days

From the Deep 2 Hide

One Day Music Came


The Legend of Jimmy Handplant

Like a Game of Chess Aak

Dark River


Pesticide fictionspawn

The Witch Doctor Aak

The Last Trick of the Illusionist

Kanaima -the Spirit of Vengeance

lake fear

Crazy Old Cat Lady

Witches Brew


pink elephant

Dark Woods

To Kill a Killer Clown

Giant Mantis Aak

Ceremony Pt1 Aak



Revive 2

No One Laughs at the Duckbill


liquid ink



Lords of the Dead Aak

Here is my older comic project.



  1. Thank you. The illustrations are liquid pigment ink, or chinese paint if you want. You can use them if you want, I’ll be honoured. For images that’s meant to stay on your blog you can use these. I do have another version of each one with written on them, which I use for my featured images. Could you please use them if you’re featuring on social media? They easily get lost there…


  2. Thanks a lot! The main difference is that the ink is permanent, while the watercolours are affected by water even after they’ve dried up. I think that’s one of the things I like the most about it, it gives some interesting possibilities, and it makes it less fragile.


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