Cherished Darkness


-The light! The light is back!

-Aaaaah! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Some held their arms out towards the whiteness, others ran into the shadows for safety.   Yet others threwthemselves down in submission. It burned their eyes, tore their souls with fear.

Then it was gone, once again,  as suddenly as the last time.

They waited, knew it would be back. Anxiety dug into their hearts, life became unbearable.

Kiind, the youngest of them all, always played around by the little black lake hunting little transparent fish. He ate them, and played with their skins. Today he coloured them with the ink of the squids.

One day the light came again, breaking their cherished darkness. Kiind held the fish skin up towards the light. Shadow fell on his eyes. He could see. He could see its contours, its shape, its colours. He saw what it was.

-Look, he said to his father. Look!

The dark skin was sent around the little tribe They all saw for themselves.

A creature gleamed down at them, watching them, studying them. It was floating in the air, tall and strong. Its face was friendly and peaceful.

Soon it was gone again, and the darkness was once again back. They felt safer, less exposed in it’s cover, but they did no longer fear the light. They made more tinted skins, and waited for the creature to return.

Next time it would be greeted well.



Hitchhiking (Fear of the unknown)


  1. Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg wrote a novel based on Asimov’s 1941 short story “Nightfall. It’s about a planet with six suns that experiences night only once every 2,000 years. Kind of the opposite of your tale, but that’s what it reminded me of.

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    1. Interesting. I actually wrote two other endings to this one, one of which the light ended up being the sun. Which would be the exact opposite of that story, I guess. One of the reasons it ended up on this one is the illustration I had already made. A sun would make parallel rays.

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    1. Also, I’m making the illustrations quite small lately, so I guess the detail level goes down a lot. The plan is to publish more frequently when I come back from vacation, and right now it’s necessary just to keep making two a week. Lot’s of things to do in the sun 🙂

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  2. HEY!!! And, OH! I love this!!! I imagine them hanging out in our fridge. Although You can’t fish in there….but there IS fish in there! 😅 I really liked these little guys! Your art, as always, is soooo wonderful! Hoping You and Your sweet little family are well in all this craziness. Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. Hi Forresting! Thanks for stopping by, good to hear from you 🙂 I like your interpretation, and was actually thinking of letting it be a human shining light on them with a torch for a while. The fridge would have been a cool place for thfm to live for sure 😀 Thanks! We’re fine, hope you’re well too. Cheers and hugs right back!

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      1. My absolute pleasure!!! Nice to hear from You as well! Thanks for saying hey over at Peter’s! That gifted a huge smile. I’m so happy Y’all are fine! Same here. Thank Goodness! 🤗❤️😊

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