Face flowers Aak fictionspawn


-I’m here to restore balance, he said, staring into a distance behind them as if they were not there.

The plants laughed. The laughter spread through the forest, along the roots and through the air.

-We’ve already tried, little one, but please come right in. Give it your best shot.

The giggles lingered as he walked through the dense bushes, thorns and branches cutting his skin, ripping his clothes. He pushed through high grass and ferns, crossed puddles and swamps.

Deep inside he came to the heart of the forest, the place where the roots met, where decisions were made.

He lay down, spread his cloak out on the forest floor. The laughter slowly faded. He lay there for so long plants tucked him in, trees died and perished. His body dissolved into the ground, into the water, into the roots. Screams echoed through the woods as he entered their deepest secrets, pierced under their skin, leaked into their leaves. Then there was silence.

His name was fungus. He was finally home.




  1. I still remember years back when my sister was studying biology at university and I caught up with her for dinner and I was going to make something with mushrooms. She got this haunted look in her eyes, and when I asked what was up, she told me she’d just learned about fungii and they were so terrifying she couldn’t face eating them for a bit.

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