Finally Alone

-Hi Jenny! Where are you going?

-I’m going home to see my mum, she’s ill. Why?

-Nothing. I’m going the same way.


Ren had been in love with Jenny for months. All he wanted was to get her on his own, to have a chance to tell her how he felt, a chance to kiss her.

They walked by the Cave, just outside of the village. It wasn’t really a cave, just this great hole going down into the ground. No one knew where it led, except it was deep. You couldn’t see the end.

The ground started shaking. A sound came from the hole.

-What the…? Ren looked over the edge. He could see something move far below…. (more)

A man is riding through a nightmare Aak fictionspawn


Fear was twisting his soul, tearing his mind. The fear of death, though it was not his.

Lying in his bed watching the ceiling he waited for the inevitable. Madness. Chaos would finally become what it had always urged to be… (more)

Watching the Sunset. Aak fictionspawn

Together Forever

The sun was going down, painting the sky in a thousand colours reflected in the beautiful landscape below. In the city streetlights were coming on, one by one as the shadow of the hills slowly crept through the quarters. They could see the fields where they played as children, the mountains. The ocean. The vast sea stretching out, seemingly with no end. She had always dreamt of the ocean, the unknown beyond the waves.

Maybe some day he would take her.

They had been sitting there for a long time now, just staring into eternity. Feeling the silence. Breathing. Existing.

Darkness arrived…