Flight in Darkness (Minverd – The Rebellion)

“Kill them! Kill them all!”

They fled into the dark forest. The battle for their village was lost. The horrors of Drronk’s past had come to the only place he had ever thought he was safe. The stoogs had arrived.

“Noooo! Not that way!” Her scream drowned in his fear.

Raaaaaawrrrrr!!! Hideous fangs cut towards him, claws flashed in the darkness. He lifted his sword.

“No! Don’t kill!” She grabbed his shoulders, held him back.

“It will let loose the horrible nightmares trapped in its mind.”

The monster in front of them hissed a long hiss of horrible suffering.

“This one is stuck in its own slime anyway. Come, we must get….”

“Die dinks!” Heavy weapons swung towards them. Drronk jumped aside, Seprisse blocked the battle spear with her bare hands. They had bought a second, nothing more.

Ghard’s spear struck out of the darkness, through one stoog’s throat. The other he kicked onto the monster.


They heard the screams of the stoog as the monster sunk its teeth into his face. Screams that filled the air as they ran through the dark woods with nothing in mind but to get away from the horrors that had destroyed their beloved home forever, deep into the forests of the vicious dulves. A forest where they would not be welcome…

This story is a flash fiction adaption of a page from my comic project Minverd- The Rebellion. It’s a dark fantasy-story happening in another world full of creatures, monsters and madness. I’ve had it paused ever since I started with this blog, and have been taking it up where I left it lately. The drawings of this page were started out then, and finished now as fast as I could. It still needs some work.


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