Space Monsters

Galaxy Gary stepped out of his space ship. A hostile planet it was, Phosphor volcanos made the air unbreathable, the dry landscape gave life to nothing.

He walked around. Something moved in  a distance. A hideous monster came running his way, followed by several others. They made the most most horrible gurgling sounds. He got his space gun out.

They kept coming,

Explosions of gore reduced the monsters one by one into piles of stinking meat. Soon they were all dead.

He searched around for a while. There was nothing there of interest, no valuable metals, no minerals he could sell. Nothing.

He jumped back onto his spaceship and left.

G’barghaman came running up to the surface, joyfully making the gurgling sounds his kind always made when they were happy. The welcome comity should already be present, and the alien should be met politely any moment now.

He saw the piles of gore on the volcano field. They were all dead. Everyone, all of them. His family, his friends, dead, murdered. His gurgling sounds changed to screaming cries of despair.

One word kept lingering in his mind.



  1. I always wonder where this urge to kill and destroy comes from within the human psyche.
    Does it start when we are infants, building bricks up high and then destroying them, just because it makes us feel good and find it funny. Or is it that a survival instinct is driven by fear?


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