After All These Years

Sky Faces

You summoned us, the largest head said.

“I did.”

We are in debt. Your desire is our command.

“I need someone to die.”

Do you have what’s needed?

He held his hand out, revealed a hairbrush. It burst into fire.

It’s done.


He walked up the stairs to his house, his heart beating at high speed. He heard the TV from the livingroom.

She was sitting on the couch, back towards him.

“Hi, honey…” He said, carefully.

No answer.

He let out a little scream when he saw her, turned away. Catching his breath he forced himself to look. Her face was twisted in a strange way, her mouth wide open. Pain. Her eyes seemed to be popping out of her scull.

He sat down beside her, grabbed the remote to change the channel. After all these years it was finally his.


  1. I always find it’s the other way around. Get me the head, although I don’t wish him dead,
    a little gentle persuasion might even the odds of my getting my share of the television! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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