Space Eggs

Space Eggs

There they are. What might they be?

They’re not from here, that’s for sure.

By the great rings! Those disgusting creatures are stealing the eggs! I’ll kill…

Wait… Not just yet. Look.

This is amazing. I didn’t even expect to find microorganisms so soon, and here we are bringing back eggs.

Sure is beyond my wildest dreams. Let’s get it up on the…

Wait, something is happening. It seems to be hatching!

Oh, my… this is… amazing! But… what is that? Oh my god, that’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever… Aaaaaahhh! Get it off me! It burns! It burnssss!






Too bad about the ship, though. Probably could have been useful.

That ‘s my little girl… Who’s the cutest girl on the whole wide moon? You are! Oh, yes you are! Yes you are…


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