Waterfall monster Aak fictionspawn


-Get him! Get the bastard!

He ran up the hills, the men were coming closer. He needed to reach the lake. They wouldn’t follow him into the lake, he knew that. They were too afraid of getting wet.

He jumped out from the cliff. As he fell something came up from the water, opened its mouth. The men froze. The monster closed its jaws around him and sunk into the deep.

-Damn! What was that?

-I’m not sure I want to know… or if I believe what I saw.

-He got what he deserved, that stealing bastard.

On they way back toย  the factory they agreed never to tell anyone. People would think they were crazy.


In a big cave the monster came up from the water. There were torches burning on the walls. Some tools. Decorations.

-Thank you, my friend, Randall said as he stepped out between the fangs.

-You’re welcome, master. Try to stay out of trouble from now on, will, you?

-I’ll do my best, Briigh.

-I bet you will.

Briigh smiled a surrendered smile and sunk back down into the darkness. Randall walked through the lit tunnel towards the chambers he called home.



Lake Death


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