Lake Death (Audio story)

A fisherman and a lakemonster Aak fictionspawn

The idea for this story came to me when travelling in Norway. There’s a deep lake called Seljord where a monster is said to be living. The illustration is based on another lake nearby, quite similar.

Ronny goes up there to catch some fish. It doesn’t turn out the way he had expected.

Listen to the video below, or read the story here.

Lakemonster and fisherman Aak fictionspawn

Lake Monster fast sketch

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  1. Reminded me of a horror story I read once where guests at a mansion were given “vitamin” pills to swallow. Little did they know they contained tiny fishhooks. The master of the mansion selected people at random to sleep in the special room. There a great electromagnet could be engaged by the door bell. The hooks became embedded in the stomach wall of the guests. The electromagnet would engage and pull the hundreds of tiny hooks upward — the screams from the guest in the room was the sound for the doorbell.

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