Cosmic Terror


Captain’s log: Year since departure 3065, Day 5

The patient has recovered after 20 days of illness. The corrupted cells are regenerated, the broken DNA is fixed. Our journey is coming to an end, and it seems we will all make it. Just a few decades to go.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3065, Day 310

A nebula has appeared close to our destination. We have no record of it from before, although it has to have been there all along. Investigation is initiated.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3070, Day 15

The Nebula is changing form and getting denser. Some of the crew are worried, it’s looking more like a face each day that goes by. It’s obviously just stars shining through moving gasses, but it is a rather unsettling sight.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3089, Day 106

Our instruments are loosing vision of solar system New Hope. The humid earth like planets around are getting diffuse, hard to detect. Our technicians are working on it day and night. They will find a solution.

Captain’s log Year since departure 3089, Day 130

The technical problems have become worse. There are no longer any trace of the Planets, and the sun is fading. Other operational systems are failing as well. The Nebula looks like a giant creature staring into space.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3089, day 290

The system New Hope’s sun, until recently visible to the naked eye, seems to have disappeared completely. The Nebula is staring towards us with a horrible stare.

Captain’s log: Year since departure 3089, Day 315

The ship has stopped responding to any commands, it floats straight through space towards the destination, but the destination is gone. Only the Nebula is awaiting our arrival.


Captain’s log: Year 3090 day 201

This notebook will be my log from now on. The computers no longer work.

People have started calling the Nebula The Monster. I do not now what to think, but it seems to be waiting for us. Some are panicking. We’re trying all we can to find the failure of the system, but it’s dead, as if something holds it down. Some say it’s all a trap, that the solar system New Hope never existed. The ship has gone dark and cold. We are burning anything inflammable to keep warm and stay alive.

Captain’s log: Year 3095 day 57

Jimter Hawl, one of the machinery workers, were found on deck four. He had hung himself selves. That makes three suicides the last year.

The Monster is close now. It is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, hundreds of light years across. No words can describe the terror I feel when I look at it, at it’s glowing eyes staring down at us. It’s burning mouth, the mouth we are heading towards. Heading into. Just a few years left and we will be there. 

It’s no longer cold, but I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Captain’s log: Year 3098 day 197

There’s nothing but a huge, burning hole in front of us. It’s getting warmer. We’re trying to keep sane by singing songs, telling each other stories. It doesn’t help much.

Captain’s log. Year 3103 day 340

The heat is unbearable. The cold we could fight with fire, this have no solution. Second pilot Malson died yesterday, he couldn’t take it any more. None of us can.

Captain’s log: Year 3104 day 5 

These might be my last words, I don’t think I can go on writing. My hands are swollen, my head feels like it’s about to explode. The plastic on the walls are melting, metal bars glowing. We have no means to cool the ship down, no way of stopping the inevitable. I never believed in hell, but I was wrong. This is it.

This is hell, and we are already dead.


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    1. Thanks a lot! I guess being locked up helps to create claustrophobic fiction 🙂 I was also reading some articles about the Scandinavian Star desastre just when I started writing this one (I put on a link, although the articles I read was a lot more detailed, but in Norwegian). But the basic inspiration was the last words in R. F. Scott’s diary on the south pole, which I read years ago, and made quite an impression. Must be horrible to know your life is about to end, especially when you know it will take a while.

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