All Work and No Play

A fair mascot attacks Aak fictionspawn

The lever! It’s stuck!

It’s coming this way! Run!

The two men ran off, leaving the Spin Devil (TM) running at full speed.

Melvin was hanging on to the restraints as the machine went faster. Something was wrong. It shouldn’t be going this fast.

He forced his eyes to look around, his mind to focus. He saw fire. Parts of the roller coaster had fallen down. Screaming people was running around on the ground.

The giant park mascot Baggie came walking out of the fire. It was coming this way.

It broke the Swing Ride. It rolled off, swings getting crushed. It ripped up the Booster.

The woman by Melvin’s side screamed joyfully. Their eyes met. She laughed at Melvin’s frightened face. She was still enjoying the Spinner, still unaware of the danger coming closer.

In panic Melvin tried to get loose, tried to get out of the carriage at full speed. He was stuck.

The Spin Devil (TM) kept spinning. Baggie was close enough for Melvin to see the face of the man controlling it. He was laughing a mad laugh. Too many hours behind the control board. Too many days working for others to have fun.

The mascot lifted an arm. The scream of the lady changed into terror.

The arm came down on the carriage in front. Metal bent. Mechanisms broke. The wheel fell off. Melvin’s carriage flew off into the air, crashed to pieces on the ground.

The mascot moved on, the driver laughing hysterically from inside. He wouldn’t rest until it was all leveled to the earth. Today it was his turn.


  1. I like this one. I like that you’ve put the research in, and how you keep the tension going, the pace crackling. And oh, great title.

    As an aside I know how hard it is to write an effective piece of flash fiction: I’ve had pieces published on The Drabble — you ever tried there? — but I’m not getting the comments I used to

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