Plastic Fantastic

Plastic monster attack Aak fictionspawn

-Oh my God, what is that?

-It’s coming this way!

-Run! Run for your lives!

She viewed out on the creatures who had created what she had become.


People fled in panic, away from the mass coming up from the sea. A polar bear condemned into exile, slowly becoming what she ate. Toxic waste and plastic.

Andrew ran as he’d never run before, but even with his brand new running shoes the plastic came closer. He had known ever since his teenage years. Everybody had known, but done nothing. A barrel knocked him over. Plastic bags and rubbish stuck to his body and arms. His face. He could not move. He could not breath.

Perry jumped into a hole in the ground. A shadow fell over him as he crouched down. He could hear the strange scream of the plastic bear passing by. It hadn’t seen him. He looked up towards the sky.

Little pieces came pouring down the hole, filling it up. He tried to get out, but he was buried. The plastic filled his lungs as he screamed, went down his throat as he coughed. He fucking hated it when they were right.

The plastic monster moved into town, screaming, hungry for revenge.

The destruction had finally come home.



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