Not Ours to Give

Not ours to give Aak fictionspawn

The figures stood like rocks in front of him, like eternal statues no one had created. Lifeless, until the tallest one spoke.

“You have come far. Now tell us why.”

He swallowed. He had been walking for days, and now he was finally here.

“I’ve come to ask for forgiveness. I’ve killed a man. Or at least, I was the reason he died.”

“We don’t have such thing to give,” the statues said.

“But I’ve walked so far. My feet are killing me, and I’ve got a bad hip. I can’t…”

“We can’t give what we don’t have.”

Sad and disappointed he turned around, started the long walk home. The could hear the voice of the statues echoing though his mind as he walked.

No such thing to give. 

As he walked, his steps became heavier, the world a darker place to be. One day he fell over in the sand, just lay there with the face down into the dirt. Crying.

“I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to…”

There, all alone in the vast desert, he saw himself. He saw his suffering, his guilt, his despair. He felt… pity. Compassion. 

He knew now. He knew why she had sent him here, what had been the purpose of his journey.

The one who had to forgive him was himself.



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