Divided Unity


Aaaaaaahh! Groom fled in panic.

Dergam the shaman held his hand totems up in front, shouting words in the lost language of the elders.

Tilka, the strongest of all the warriors lifted his spear, threw it at the strange object floating in the air in front of them. It was no use.

The shaman by his side disappeared. So did the sphere.


Dergham looked around. Strange shapes were moving around him. Appearing and disappearing. One split in three, i six, in infinite smaller shapes always growing bigger. One of them split as well, moving him further into a world he could never imagine, let alone understand. Then another, and another.

He closed his eyes shut in terror. He could still see them. They were there, inside him, around him, everywhere. Watching him. Examining him. Judging him.

He screamed.

He was lying on the ground, looking up towards the sky. His tribe was around him, in the same place where he had been taken away.

He spoke to them about his experience, wanted them to understand. Words got short, language not sufficient, but he tried.

Oh, yes, he tried.


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