They Will Eat Us

-Oh my God, Mickey! I think they are going to eat us!

-Why did we even come here? Why?

-I’m sorry, Mickey… I…

-I’ll have a taste! The monsters stared down at the two humans with hungry eyes.

-Stop! No one eats anyone until I say so. I’m the boss here. I ate Lord Bullocks, and I decide. Or you’ll have to eat me too!

The grey one looked at the pig. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of that possibility quite a few times. The pig was fat and full of meat, but strong and fearless. The other monsters was behind them, wanting to take part. The conflict made them even more hungry. The pig was their leader, but he sure looked tasty.

-I’ll eat them! The rest of you will watch me… the pig said. -It’s not much to share anyway.

-I want a taste! I want a taste! The froglizard was jumping up and down behind him.

The grey man’s eyes narrowed. His hand tightened around the butcher’s knife he always carried around.


He sliced the pig’s throat open. Blood pumped out over the two little humans, the pig screaming like.. well, a stung pig.

The other monsters jumped in, sucking up the blood The grey man lifted his butcher knife.

-Stay away! he hissed. -I cut him, I’ll eat him!

Eating the pig’s throat he held the knife up in a threatening manner.

Aaaaaaaah! Janet and Mickey were covered in blood.

She grabbed his arm, pulled him on. -We got to get out of here! Run!

They ran as fast as they could, away from the distracted monsters. The portal was getting closer.

-We’re escaping, Janet! We’re really…

A long tongue came shooting out, stuck to his back. The impact threw him a bit forward. Pulled him back hard through the air. Janet fell over, turned around. Mickey disappeared into the froglizard’s mouth. She crawled backwards towards the portal, keeping her eyes on the monster licking its lips. A loud burp escaped its stomach.

The tongue shot out again. She rolled over. It slammed down on the ground beside her. She got up on her feet and ran as fast as she could. The lizard prepared for another strike. She jumped, head first. The tongue came shooting out again, followed her through the portal. Stuck to her leg as she fell to the ground back in her own world. Pulled her back.

-Turn it off! Turn it the fuck off!

Janet held on to the wall, the tongue pulling her at all force. Professor Billow pulled a lever.

The portal closed with a flash. The tongue was cut off in mid air, and fell to the ground. Janet crawled into the corner, shaking like a leaf.

It hadn’t been worth it. It hadn’t been worth it at all.



Here is the solution to yesterday’s riddle Bridge of Paradox. If you didn’t read it, please pop over and give it a try before you read the solution. Avoid the commentary field before you submit your answer, no cheating! 

First of all I want say thank you to Ekaterina Tretiakova for solving the riddle at first try (make sure you check out her blog, it’s amazing). I was worried it was too hard, but it seems it was just right since it took a while before anyone solved it but it was solved in time. Another thank you goes to Magicmermaid, for giving it a good try.


“You’ve come this far in total vain

The journey you seek will end in pain.

The shadows in darkness, your greatest threat.

I am the Round Square, this bridge is your death.”


The solution to the riddle is quite simple: The giant does not exist, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s all just an illusion to scare adventurers away, which has worked until now.

Explanation: Round Squares does not exist, and neither does shadows in (total) darkness. So they can just walk over the bridge, and claim their treasure.


  1. I just saw that you have reached 4000 wordpress followers: what an amazing achievement! Congrats! Though I have been away a few times unfortunately because of my health, I have always loved the stories you told through your blog, and look forward to many more years of these! 😊 All I can say is: keep up the good work!😀😀

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