Bridge of Paradox

-We’re close, Gin! Track said exited. -We’re so close I can smell it!

-We still haven’t found the place where the others turned back, though. The hardest part is still to come.

The rocks around them got steeper and steeper, the landscape more and more hostile. Anyone who ever tried this journey before them either disappeared or came back empty handed telling tales of invincible monsters blocking the way.

They came to a bridge over a bottomless abyss. On the other side they could see the lost city, the place where the treasure was hidden.

-The bridge looks safe enough, Track said ironically looking at the massive construction under his feet.

Halfway over a shadow was seen at the end of the bridge. Something materialized, something big. Something monstrous. A giant came to be, a giant with a giant sword in his hand.

The two adventurers stopped. The air had been hard to breath before, but now Track felt dizzy.

The giant spoke:

“You’ve come this far in total vain

The journey you seek will end in pain.

The shadows in darkness, your greatest threat.

I am the Round Square, this bridge is your death.”

He swung his sword in a fast movement, faster than anyone could imagine possible for someone his size.

-We got to get out of here, Gin said, starting to back up. -There’s no way we can get past that thing.

-It does seem impossible… If not… wait a moment…

-What? Let’s go! He’ll kill us!

-It’s a riddle, Track said thoughtfully…

-A riddle? But…

-I got it! Let’s go, the treasure of the Mountain City is ours!

How could Track know?

Crystal Clear


  1. I think this has to with geometry. I did not excel in this subject in school. πŸ˜‰ Also maybe the philosophical “up, down, in, out”. They climb up the monster, climb down the other side, go in to the mountain and go out the other side? (Don’t keep us in suspense! πŸ˜€ )

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    1. Thanks! I was very happy Ekaterina solved it. The last one I made (in the Crystal Clear link on this post) was too hard, I think, and it turned out there was another answer than the one I thought of that would be just as good. I’ll probably make another one sooner or later, it’s a very interesting craft, riddle making.

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