Stuck in a Rock


-Here on the right side you see the great attraction of the park. The giant stuck in a rock!

-Oooooooh! A sigh went through the crowd. A huge man was sitting on the mountain, looking down at them.

-We urge you not to go past the fence, since he can be dangerous on a bad day.

-How did he end up there? one of the tourists asked.

-Ah, I’m glad you asked. The story goes way back. You see, this giant used to terrorize the villages around here. He roamed around, stepping on people. Yes, you heard me. Stepping on people.

-That’s horrible!

-Yes, it is. But you see, he was a very, very lazy giant. Every once in a while he sat down for ages, and even then he kept growing. One day he sat down here on this rock. He put his leg down in a hole in the ground to cool it off. When he decided to walk on, his leg had grown and was stuck!

Laughter. Everyone looked up on the giant sitting on top of the rock. The giant was looking down at them.

-That’s so funny, one of them said.

-What a stupid giant, said another.

-First, the villagers thought about killing him. Now that he was stuck it wouldn’t be too difficult, but it would still be rather messy.

The giant moaned a long, complaining sound. The tourists took photos, astonished by the extraordinary sight. The guide continued.

-People started coming from far away to see the stuck giant. The word reached through the land, and the little businesses in town went quite good.ย They decided feed him, keep him alive, so tourists could come and see him. And they did, just like yourselves.

-He doesn’t look to happy, one on the children said.

-He’s not! The guide laughed -After all, would you be happy sitting there, stuck in a rock? I bet not!

He looked at his watch. -OK, you can walk around for a while now, but remember, do not go behind the fence!

He walked over to the souvenir boot to chat with the girl there for a little while. The tourists walked around, took selfies and group pictures with the giant behind.

The giant, on the other hand, did not look happy at all.




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