An eye and a cave Aak fictionspawn


Ssssshhh my baby, she whispers through tight lips.

She knew the giant was there, peering into their hiding place. She could hear his heavy breath, see the light reflected by his green eyes on the walls.

She pressed in between the rocks, held her little boy closer than she ever had. Tried to disappear.

Don’t make a sound.

A finger came in. Searching. Crushing rocks. They jumped further into the corner as it felt its way through the hole.

It pulled back out.

For a long time they did not move. Hid in case he came back, shaking, catching breath.

Stay here, she said. Climbed out to have a look. From the hole high up in the rock wall she could see the giant move towards the mountains in the east where he belonged.

Hopefully he would stay there for another hundred years.


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