Snake worm monster Aak fictionspawn

Its eyes stared down at her with the emptiness of a worm, only existing to devour and reproduce. The fangs of a snake, loaded with poison. Towering up in front of her like a god of destruction.

She grabbed a stick on the ground. The monster lifted its head to strike. There was nowhere to run.

So she charged.

She reached the soft body in two steps. Ran up its neck. It struck towards her. She jumped to avoid the poisonous fangs, into the hideous mouth.

It closed around her, sucking her in. Crushing her. No air.


She felt something. A sixth sense awoke, her brain’s last desperate act of survival. There was activity nearby. Electricity. Some kind of mind. With an immense effort she pushed her arms out. Got some space. The stick pierced into the soft, boneless flesh. She pushed harder, through the primitive brain.

A scream.

They hit the ground hard.

The grip around her loosened. She crawled out, coughing, catching air. The snakeworm lay dead on the ground beside her.

She got up on her feet, looked towards the sky. There might still be time to find shelter before darkness arrives.


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