Devouress of Souls


He floated through fire and ice, through pleasure and pain. There were gods. Monsters. Nothing like what he had expected.

He saw something, far ahead in the cosmic mist. Something caught his attention.

He floated closer, wanted to see. Wanted to feel. Light became beauty. Numbness became lust. He saw her now. The image of what he had longed for all his life, now in front of him in death. He wanted her. Needed her.


She towered above him. Close. Too close. Her beauty overwhelmed him, scared him. She was terrible like the sun, like passion itself. He tried to turn. It was too late.

-Please! Please let me go! I regret my sins!

Her laughter was as gorgeous as it was terrifying, roaring through the eternal void around them. -I don’t care about your sins, little human. Her eyes sparkled. -You are mine.

His scream lingered with countless others at the edge of events as he fell into her darkness from where nothing could ever return.


  1. That’s a wonderful piece of writing! I love the illustration as well, the raw sexuality of the woman’s posture, her luscious body as well as the snake-like locks on her head which remind me of Medusa.

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