Light In the Tunnel.


Through the streets they fled, jumping over walls, crawling under fences. People everywhere, nowhere to hide. Chaos ruled.

Mildred jumped the fence to the railway, ran down the tracks. The tunnel. He could hide in there, maybe he could be safe.

He ran down into the deep darkness. He stopped, catching his breath. What is happening?

-Hey! He heard from the dark. -Are you OK?

Mildred jumped.

-I.. I think so, but I I don’t know if I’m thinking straight. What’s going on? What the fuck is going on!?

-I don’t know, the man said. He could see him now. An old man in a military uniform. Stars on his shoulders. -I mean, I don’t know what the consequences will be. But I do know what happened.

Mildred looked at him in disbelief. The old man continued.

-We opened a gate. A gate to somewhere dark, a place we should never have seen. We were doing military research, working on a new weapon. I don’t know the details, I’m no scientist. All I know is that we found ourselves staring into an abyss. Then the abyss stared back.

A loud noise came from outside. A building was torn down.

-Something came out of the void. Something dark and evil. The people closest to the gate started screaming. Transforming. Growing. Soon they attacked. Horrible monsters with fangs, claws, bloodlust. Several of my men were murdered in horrible ways. Others became the monsters who murdered them. A few of us managed to escape, keeping them back in a rain of bullets. It slowed them down a bit, but they seemed unharmed. 

The man paused, looked towards the entrance. The screams were coming closer, the explosions, the horrors. 

-I ran, son. I ran like a scared little bitch. I’ve been through seven wars.. I’ve seen my colleagues die in front of me, and kept fighting. I’ve been tortured, molested, and kept my mouth shut like a concrete wall.

He looked at Mildred with wild eyes tormented by terror. -This… This is the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. And they’re out there. They’re coming!

Two men came running into the tunnel, hid by the entrance. Catching their breath, looking out on the railway.

The General grabbed Mildred’s shoulder. –They’re coming!

A monster appeared in the entrance of the tunnel. The two newcomers threw themselves back, into the tunnel. A hand reached in, grabbed one. Bit his head off.

The other came running towards Mildred and the general.

The monster screamed.

They ran. The darkness became darker. The monster moved in behind them.

It came closer.

A light somewhere ahead.

Mildred looked over his shoulder. He could see it now, snoring, spitting. The man ran just behind him,

The light came closer.

The man screamed. The scream ended. Heavy steps of claws was right behind them

A horn sounded. A train.

-Jump aside! They threw themselves on the ground by the wall. The train crushed into the monster, derailed. Sparks rained as it slid the ground, scraped along the rocky walls.

Mildred and the General held on to each other, covering their head and eyes. The train stopped, lying on the side.

There was silence.

Far above the war was on. Now all they could do was wait.





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