No Laughing Matter

-Rolling down the road with the mates, just feeling the speed. There’s nothing better.

-Change the song, dude.

-How’s it going with that babe of yours, Rocket?

-She’s awesome, dude. She’s just sooo good in bed, man.

-Yeah, yeah… Don’t wanna hear about it.

-Tom never gets laid, Jimmy laughed. -Because he’s ugl….

-What the…?

Jimmy followed Tom’s eyes to the window. A clown was staring at him from outside. They were going hundred and twenty miles per hour.

-Aaaaaahhhh! Jimmy jumped away from the window, pulling the wheel with him. The car slid over the road, out on the grass on the other side. Jimmy got it up on the road again. The car wobbled over the lane.

-Look out!

A truck was coming at them.

He got the car back in the right lane. The truck mowed passed them. The noise from the horn sounded like laughter.

-What the hell? What was that? Tom’s eyes flickered from one window to the other.

-A clown! It was a fucking clown! Jimmy screamed.

The car slowed down. Someone was standing in the middle of the road. Big shoes. Giant gloves. A tiny little hat on his head and a big, wide, painted smile.

-Drive! Fucking drive!

Jimmy sped up, changed lane. The clown jumped in front of the car.


Indistinctly Jimmy hit the brakes. Lost control of the car. Left the road. Landed on the roof.



-Are you guys OK?

-Fucking hell, man,…

They all got out of the car. Jimmy helped Tom get up on his feet.

-Damn, that was lucky. We could have been killed!

An enormous knife appeared on Jimmy’s throat. Slid over it.


-Jimmy! Nooo!!! 

Rocket jumped toward him, holding on to his dead body on the ground.

-Run! Rocket! Let’s get the fuck out of here!

Rocket froze, looking over Tom’s shoulder. Tom’s expression changed from fear to terror. Turned around, getting half the way.

A giant hammer crushed his head. It made a squeaky sound.

Rocket ran as fast as he could into the bushes. He heard laughter behind him. To the left. Then to the right. Somewhere in front. He stopped.

-Why are you doing this? Why? The last word was a desperate scream, lingering through the woods.

Silence. The shadows were consuming the forest. He fell to the ground, crying.

After a long time he got on his feet. Night had fallen. He started walking on, shaking, trembling. He reached a road.

A car was coming. He jumped out in front of it, waving his arms. The car stopped.

-Please, I have to get away from here! Someone killed my friends! Please, help me, help me!

The driver opened the door. Tom jumped in, staring out of the window back where they had come from.

-Hey man, aren’t you going a bit fast…

The driver Turned towards him. His hat was small. A big smile was painted on his face.

He laughed.  The car went faster. And faster.

Into a hard curve between rock walls.

Killer Cards


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