Like a Game of Chess

Like a Game of Chess

King Merk was on the ground, protected by footsoldiers, by the tower. The battle was going well. His rebel brother would soon be defeated.

He saw something, someone, moving over the field. It was his brother’s wife, their cousin. He’d always loved her, ever since they had been children. He couldn’t understand why she was coming. Had he sent her? or had she finally left him?

She came walking up to them. Melir lifted his spear.

No! King Merk said. I want to know what she wants, but keep your eyes ope…

She stabbed the guard in the throat, fast as a wind. Stepped back. went for the king. He didn’t want to kill her, but she was fast. Attacked. An inch closer and she would have stabbed in the guts. He grabbed her. She tried to stab him again. He cut her throat.

She fell. The love of his life, dead by his hands.

Two knights came, killed his officer. He was out on the field, undefended. He ran. A footsoldier moved in. Another. They chased him over the field. He was pushed up to the enemy tower wall.

She had been a trap. Sir Gandes, once his father’s trusted protector, rode in. Lifted his sword. Merk’s head fell to the ground.

As his men saw their king was dead, they knew the war was over. Some ran. Others were killed in cold blood.

King Demd stood in his tower, watching the last breaths of his brother’s army. Sacrificing his wife had been a hard choice, but he knew his brother had loved her more than he ever would.

It had all been worth it. His father’s kingdom was finally his.

This story is based on this chess game:

The Moon Ball


    1. Thanks, George! Chess is truly a great game, though I must admit I’m no great player 🙂 The idea of making a story based on a chessgame came first, and then I found this one after looking at several. And, yes, it’s awesome. He’s already lost when he moves the queen. I bet he didn’t see it coming at all. I know I wouldn’t 😀

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