The Wasp

A beautiful poem

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Your heart will turn cold, your words venomous, your thoughts putrid,

Your emotions, a haunted, confusing, vast wilderness with no refuge in sight,

And you will want to unleash your Demons, divert their attention from your mind and soul to those around you;

But that is when you must decide, what you want to become and what you shall be,

For this moment in time which shall live on forever or simply what you shall be forever on,

The Beast itself or the Tamer?

Will you allow the Beast to run free and unafraid?

Or bravely contain it inside yourself, trusting that in time, even the worst damage,

Those angry, deep and bleeding wounds,

All the more painful for the scalding pain you cannot express or let on,

Can assume a weathered beauty wonderful to know and behold,

Like gold through the trials of fire,

Like the stark mountainsides through…

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