Captain Morgan’s Treasure

Careening boat. Ink. Aak fictionspawn monster

Captain Morgan hated his crew. All of them. No matter how much he whipped them, they kept disobeying.

There it is, Mark the radar man said. There! A wreck, at five hundred meters!

Keelhaul him! said Captain Morgan.

The men said nothing. Threatening Trunk lifted his whip. Jonathan picked the rope up. I’m sorry, he said. I’m so sorry. Three strong men threw Marcus on the sea. He could be seen fighting for quite a while.

The huge lifter was sent down. Marrish was looking from the window. Captain Marrish. He liked that. All his savings and heritage had gone into this boat. He was a treasure hunter now. Captain and treasure hunter.

Four hundred meters!

This was big. His investment, his dream, was paying off.

Five hundred. Five hundred five. Five hundred ten… Five.. There! We hit something!

The screen showed an old wreck. The grip started ripping off the old, rotten wood. Somewhere in there there was a treasure worth millions.

Captain! Something’s wrong! The grip’s stuck or something.

I can’t take this any more. He killed Marcus. Jonathan was despairing. And your whipping… You didn’t deserve that at all.

We could…

The men sat in silence. Emmanuel didn’t need to finish the sentence. The rebellion was fast and effective. The captain was put in a room downstairs as they discussed what to do with him.

Let him suffer the Marcus’ fate! Said one. Yes, throw him to the sharks said another.

We shouldn’t sink down to his level, Jonathan I’d say we throw him in a boat. Maybe if we…

What’s that smell?

Fire! Fire on the lower deck!

The lifter is getting pulled down! Mark was pushing buttons, pulling levers.

The boat careened.

We’re going round! Help! Get the life boat out!

The crew was falling down the inclined floor.

If the life boat goes down with the ship, we’re doomed!

Marrish threw himself towards the steer house, clung on the door. Water was pouring in on the other side of the deck as the lifter kept pulling down. He got through. Caught the chair, broke the window in the back. Pulled the thongs. The ship went around.

Captain Morgan was sitting in one end of the room. The fire was burning vividly in the other. He knew he was going to die, but the others would die with him. The traitors, thinking they could steal his treasure. No one would steal his treasure. Ever.

Marrish was fighting as the strong current from the sinking ship. He swam, as hard as he could, following the bubbles. His lungs hurt. His eyes, his head.

He was up. Gasping in air, delicious, beautiful air. He looked around. The little rubber boat was dipping nearby. His crew was not there

Mark! He shouted. Mark, where are you? Ronald!

He dived, searched until all hope was lost. He swam over to the life boat. Climbed up.

With tears in his eyes he started the little motor, heading towards his home. His worst nightmare had come true.

A captain who survived his crew.

Deep Sea Adventurers


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