Empty Funeral

Crows watching a funeral. Aak fictionspawn

No one showed up at the funeral. The church was empty, only the priest and the coffin. The grave digger was standing by the door. The silence was striking. Every move the priest made echoed through the big hall, his words were heard by no one.

They pulled the coffin out on a trolley. The graveyard was empty as well, there was no one there but a police car parked by the gate. Crows were gathering in the skies as they walked down towards the far side, down by the fence.

The priest said said little prayer at the side of the chest. It reflected the man’s life, the loss of his wife and child, a life in loneliness. The grave digger stood with his shovel in his hand. He looked up at the trees. The crows were there, looking down at them.

As the priest finished with an “amen”, the gravedigger started shovelling dirt over the sunken wooden chest. The crows flew away in silence. When the grave digger had finished the job and walked up towards the church, they were all gone. The old man had some friends after all.

This story is  part of a circular trilogy. The stories can be read in any order. The other two parts are called Scavengers and Murder

Crows are amazing creatures. Check out this documentary, and you will without doubt agree. Thanks for telling me about it, forresting365




    1. I’ll make a search 😉 Strange, it works fine on my phone… Google it, it’s awesome. They recognize human faces, and teach their children about who the bad guys are… among many other things. This guy seems to have been a good guy 😉

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    1. I’ve been reading and watching a lot about crows lately, and they just keep getting more astonishing. The video under the story really shows what extraordinary creatures they are. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out!!! And for posting that doc. When/if I ever catch up in life, I want to watch it again This was seriously cool!!! LOVED this….and found it very sweet, actually. I think I would be highly honoured if lots of birds attended the scattering of my ashes! 😊 Thanks again and Cheers!!! 🤗

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