Minverd – Ages of Raging Madness – Burning Flesh

Darkness. Blood so fresh, burning flesh. A shadow in front of the fire. Evil, Monstrous. Death.

Tears pressed behind Dalk’s eyes. The madness was threatening to take over. 

The shadow moved. Fast. Dalk charged an attack into the darkness. It was  there, over him. Claws sunk into his face, his chest. Searching for his heart. His mind. He felt himself fade. His life essence diminish. His sanity disappear

The shadow moved. Fast. Charged an attack. It blended into the darkness. It was  there, over him. Claws sunk into his face, his chest. Searching for his heart. He felt his mind fade. His life essence diminish. His sanity disappear… (more)

Game of Nature

-Good move, Push said thoughtfully. -A very good move, I hadn’t expected that. His voice was dark and low. Forest sensed worry and anger.

The birds were singing in the trees, two deer ran by in a distance. People walked by. Forest felt the fresh air in his lungs. His mind wandered through the surroundings for a moment, to get a well deserved pause from the intense game.

Push sat there, thinking, rubbing his little flute. There had to be a way out of this situation, some way to read his opponent’s plans. Then, there, just in front of him, it appeared. A solution. He lifted one of his pieces, moved it two steps forward.

Forest snapped out of it, stared at the table. It was turned. He was the one in trouble, the one behind, the one losing. Nature would go under by the power of the supernatural, the beyond, the way of the old gods. The definition of reality was in danger… (more)

Fictionspawn illustration

They Will Eat Us

-Oh my God, Mickey! I think they are going to eat us!

-Why did we even come here? Why?

-I’m sorry, Mickey… I…

-I’ll have a taste! The monsters stared down at the two humans with hungry eyes.

-Stop! No one eats anyone until I say so. I’m the boss here. I ate Lord Bullocks, and I decide. Or you’ll have to eat me too!

The grey one looked at the pig i front of him. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of that possibility quite a few times.. The pig was fat and full of meat, but strong and fearless. The other monsters jumped up and down behind them, wanting to take part. The conflict made them even more hungry. The pig was their leader, but he sure looked tasty.

-I’ll eat them, and the rest of you will watch me! the pig said. -It’s not much to share anyway…

-I want a taste! I want a taste! The froglizard was jumping up and down behind.

The grey man’s eyes narrowed. His hand tightened around the butcher’s knife he always carried around… (more)

Bridge of Paradox

-We’re close, Gin! Track said exited. -We’re so close I can smell it!

-We still haven’t found the place where the others turned back, though. The hardest part is still to come.

The rocks around them got steeper and steeper, the landscape more and more hostile. Anyone who ever tried this journey before them either disappeared or came back empty handed telling tales of invincible monsters blocking the way.

They came to a bridge over a bottomless abyss. On the other side they could see the lost city, the place where the treasure was hidden.

-The bridge looks safe enough, Track said ironically looking at the massive construction under his feet.

Halfway over a shadow was seen at the end of the bridge. Something materialized, something big. Something monstrous. A giant came to be, a giant with a giant sword in his hand.

The two adventurers stopped. The air had been hard to breath before, but now Track felt dizzy.

The giant spoke:

“You’ve come this far in total vain

The journey you seek will end in pain.

The shadows in darkness, your greatest threat.

I am the Round Square, this bridge is your death.”… (more)

Scream in Silence

“Tonight I’m going to tell you the story about Jack. Jack was a young man, a man living here in this village. Jack walked the streets late at night, strode when everyone else had gone to bed.

Jack was the night guard, the man who lit the street lamps at night. The watchman, the man who kept us all safe.”

All the children listened carefully. Old Davick took a deep breath, and went on with his story.

“One night Jack saw something on top of the high mountain top behind the village. The old legends say it’s holy, but there are even older legends saying it is cursed.

He saw something move up there, something big, rounding the top before it disappeared… (more)

Many a Little

Parly walked between the bushes through the land. He had been sent out to get some water, they were making soup today.

The walk was quite long. He heard the humming of the bees, the stridulation of the locusts. Little beetles were crawling around. There were quite many of them, passing over the soil. 

“That’s funny,” he thought. “They all seem to be walking towards me.”

The grasshoppers jumped from plant to plant. Were they coming towards him as well? 

“Wow, am I paranoid today!”

He laughed a little. His head played tricks on him sometimes, but this was ridiculous.

He reached the old well, got the bucket down and up again. He sat and rested for a while. Flies were buzzing around his head. Mosquitoes stinging… (more)