Dirt Valley

“They were once human beings, now lying around as stinking piles, feeding on the flies attracted by their stench. They do not move, they do not speak, just lie around in stinking suffering.”

The words of the old man lingered in Drove’s mind as he looked into the valley. He could already smell the stench, and a welcome committee of flies was swarming around his head.

His horse pranced and neighed. This was not good place to be.

He forced his horse forward.

They walked in between the tall canyon walls. Soon he saw them, lying on the ground. Men who had tried to find better land. He was different. He was not afraid.

He rode down rocky slopes, through a river so dirty he had never seen the like. The smell stayed on his horse’s legs, tearing his nose. The animal suffered as well. He felt dizzy, sick to his stomach. He heard the piles around him moan in agony and self disgust. Their suffering dug into his back with the evening sun.

His horse stepped in something. Drove looked down. A pile of dirt looked up on him with tortured, pleading eyes… (more)

Strike of Luck

By the bank Palit got his flute out. He blew a long, monotone sound. Then they waited.

Nothing happened.

-Maybe we’re in the wrong place? Nista glanced over at Palit staring out on the lake.


The water moved. Something came up, emerged through the surface.

A hippo creature, big as a whale. It moved in to the shore and waited.

Palit leaped out on the big beast’s back. -Come on, jump!

Nista hesitated. It didn’t look safe. The animal sunk down, moved away from the shore.


She jumped, landed on its back. Slipped, fell into the water. Palit pulled her up.

The journey was long. The creature walked on the bottom where it could, swam where it had to. The water got deeper, the rocks on the sides taller.

-Where are we going? Nista said.

-I have no idea. The old man only told me I had to blow the flute. The rest would be up to fate.

They moved out into open water…. (more)

Experimental Chemistry

Dirk had been sitting in the jar for days. He was hungry and thirsty, and there was no one around. He had no idea where he was or how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was eating some strawberries in the forest. Then he had gotten sleepy.

The door opened. A giant figure came in, long and thin, dark and grey. It looked at him and smiled an evil grin. This monster did not have good intentions.

Dirk got up on his feet. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could find some way to escape this horror, some moment when his keeper would look the other way. If he could only get out of the jar, he could make a run for it.

His abductor looked around the room. He found a test tube, poured some transparent liquid into it. He searched some more, swearing in some strange language. Lifting books, moving glasses and bottles.

He found what he was looking for, a little bottle. Opened it, poured it into the tube. Smoke emerged. The test tube changed colour.

The chemist laughed. He took a deep smell of the smoke coming up. Dirk could see a flash of madness in his eyes, a triumph he didn’t like at all… (more)

Minverd – Ages of Raging Madness – Burning Flesh

Darkness. Blood so fresh, burning flesh. A shadow in front of the fire. Evil, Monstrous. Death.

Tears pressed behind Dalk’s eyes. The madness was threatening to take over. 

The shadow moved. Fast. Dalk charged an attack into the darkness. It was  there, over him. Claws sunk into his face, his chest. Searching for his heart. His mind. He felt himself fade. His life essence diminish. His sanity disappear

The shadow moved. Fast. Charged an attack. It blended into the darkness. It was  there, over him. Claws sunk into his face, his chest. Searching for his heart. He felt his mind fade. His life essence diminish. His sanity disappear… (more)

Game of Nature

-Good move, Push said thoughtfully. -A very good move, I hadn’t expected that. His voice was dark and low. Forest sensed worry and anger.

The birds were singing in the trees, two deer ran by in a distance. People walked by. Forest felt the fresh air in his lungs. His mind wandered through the surroundings for a moment, to get a well deserved pause from the intense game.

Push sat there, thinking, rubbing his little flute. There had to be a way out of this situation, some way to read his opponent’s plans. Then, there, just in front of him, it appeared. A solution. He lifted one of his pieces, moved it two steps forward.

Forest snapped out of it, stared at the table. It was turned. He was the one in trouble, the one behind, the one losing. Nature would go under by the power of the supernatural, the beyond, the way of the old gods. The definition of reality was in danger… (more)

Fictionspawn illustration

They Will Eat Us

-Oh my God, Mickey! I think they are going to eat us!

-Why did we even come here? Why?

-I’m sorry, Mickey… I…

-I’ll have a taste! The monsters stared down at the two humans with hungry eyes.

-Stop! No one eats anyone until I say so. I’m the boss here. I ate Lord Bullocks, and I decide. Or you’ll have to eat me too!

The grey one looked at the pig i front of him. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of that possibility quite a few times.. The pig was fat and full of meat, but strong and fearless. The other monsters jumped up and down behind them, wanting to take part. The conflict made them even more hungry. The pig was their leader, but he sure looked tasty.

-I’ll eat them, and the rest of you will watch me! the pig said. -It’s not much to share anyway…

-I want a taste! I want a taste! The froglizard was jumping up and down behind.

The grey man’s eyes narrowed. His hand tightened around the butcher’s knife he always carried around… (more)